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  • A R Website Design, based in The Forest of Dean offers bespoke, simplistic and easy-to-use websites. With over 4 years experience, contact us today for help with your website, SEO & Social Media. Website Design packages start from just £850.00.

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  • Based in the picturesque Forest of Dean, JB Leasing offer industry leading service as well as competitive pricing on both business and personal contract hire vehicles. Whether you‘re looking for a Peugeot or a Porsche, get in touch for a friendly, no obligation chat today.

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  • A 5* home from home day & holiday dog boarding service licensed under Animal Welfare Regulations 2018 standards in the beautiful Forest of Dean. Pet sitting, dog walking and wedding services available. Fully insured and police checked. Providing a professional & reliable service.

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  • A 5* home from home day & holiday dog boarding service licensed under Animal Welfare Regulations 2018 standards in the beautiful Forest of Dean. Pet sitting, dog walking and wedding services available. Fully insured and police checked. Providing a professional & reliable service.

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  • Lansdown Insurance Brokers have been established in Cheltenham for over 50 years and our locally based staff have built up a reputation for excellent customer service. We can take the worry away with our expertise to make sure you have the right insurance cover whatever the type of business.

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  • Lansdown Insurance Brokers have been established in Cheltenham for over 50 years and our locally based staff have built up a reputation for excellent customer service. We can take the worry away with our expertise to make sure you have the right insurance cover whatever the type of business.

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forest traders

My Facebook Pet Peeve - 23/10/2020

Missing information – there, I said it without even an introduction! Missing information on a Facebook page is as frustrating as going to a restaurant and there being no menu, or going to a car dealership but they have no keys to the cars. People want accurate, quick and easy information, if you don’t give it to them, they get frustrated.


forest traders

It‘s all about perspective - 31/01/2020

I was in a supermarket the other day queuing with my shopping to pay and the gentleman in front of me said to the staff member “wow, what’s going on, it‘s so busy in here today!” She looked up, smiled and said “is it, or is it a case of there are less staff working today?” Both of us looked at each other, looked around the shop and shrugged thinking “actually, that‘s probably more the case”. It got me thinking, sometimes it isn‘t what we think, it‘s actually all about our perspective of the situation...... different perspectives bring different thoughts.


forest traders

Choosing Your Advertising Is Like Choosing A Meal At A Restaurant - 01/08/2019

When you go out for a meal, do you or do you not sit and stare at the menu for a while before choosing? What makes that final decision for you on what to order? We usually look at the price of it, we tend to have our meal budget in our mind. No one wants to pay £30 for a salad! We look at what might be filling and stave off hunger for a bit longer, particularly if we know it has to last us a while.


forest traders

Do You Manage Expectations? - 25/03/2019

We have touched upon this before about how people expect a good service as soon as they enter into a contract with you. This is as simple as ordering from the local takeaway and expecting your order to be correct, fresh and hot, through to ordering next day delivery on a parcel or signing a 12 month contract on a phone line. Each time we hand over money, we have a preset expectation of that business or person.


forest traders

The 2nd page of Google effect – Part 2 - 19/02/2019

In our last blog, we discussed it was so relevant to have your website on the first page of Google along with some top tips of how to help your website rank better for free. Following on from that popular topic, today we’re looking at how social media also suffers from the “2nd page of Google effect”.


forest traders

The 2nd page of Google effect – Part 1 - 13/12/2018

The way that Forest Traders works has changed dramatically over its 6 years to fall in line with how society moves with their use of technology and their needs. Only 10 years ago we were all relying on big yellow books for all of the phone numbers we needed; fast forward those years and those books are no longer even in production.


forest traders

I don‘t have time to invest in my business - 13/06/2018

Recently a local business spoke to me about their marketing. Sales have decreased, interactions are lower since the new Facebook algorithms came in and business is generally slow. When we chatted about it, they told me that they don‘t do much in the way of marketing other than Facebook.....problem solved I thought, with some training in Twitter, Instagram and perhaps Linkedin, their sales will boost in no time with higher brand awareness.


forest traders

GDPR & Cyber Security – there is no substitute for showing the real you. - 05/04/2018

Recently I attended a seminar on GDPR and Cyber Security. It was a real eye opener as to how people work behind the scenes to steal your identity and that these days, we should be looking & thinking about identity theft more so than perhaps our just our bank details being stolen.


forest traders

Trust Is The Key Ingredient In The Recipe Of A Long Standing Client - 07/03/2017

It may seem like old hat to say it but any good marketer will tell you how you need to balance both online and offline marketing for your business to make it sustainable. Technology is advancing and becoming more relevant to our daily life but it will never be solely embraced by everyone and that is important to remember when you are trying to publicise your business.


forest traders

You Are Never Too Old To Learn New Skills - 13/11/2017

Sitting at our local pool watching my daughters receive their swimming lessons has made me think about how it doesn't matter how old we are, we can always learn new skills. My two weren't put into lessons at an early age so in comparison to a lot of children, they are behind on their swimming skills set. Do they look at it and feel embarrassed? Do they look at us and think we should have done it differently? Nope, they are just in that pool cracking on and enjoying learning something new and revelling in the excitement of achieving new goals.


forest traders

Nerves, who wins? - 02/10/2017

With the stigma of mental health being tackled in the media, I wanted to take the opportunity to discuss something that happens to a lot of people – both in business but personally too.


forest traders

It‘s OK to be not my cup of tea - 23/05/2017

Note the inverted commas here......being called “not my cup of tea” doesn‘t necessarily mean you are not good at what you do. What does the person classing you as this define this by? Did they feel their needs were not met? Did they think you didn‘t follow through with what was quoted? Did they think they didn‘t get value for money? Did one of these reasons call them to label you as “not my cup of tea”?


forest traders

Top 5 Marketing Tips - 07/02/2017

The first thing to understand about marketing is that there is no blanket way to doing it right. Different business industries and sizes need very different forms of marketing – something that we always recommend you seek professional help and advice with. However, there are some standard practices that everyone should follow no matter how big or small they are and we have highlighted our top 5 tips below for you.


forest traders

Merge Your Circles - 03/01/2017

When embarking on promoting your business, how much preparation do you do? Do you sit down and plan it all meticulously out or do you throw bits here and there and hope that something works? No one will disagree with you when you say planning is so is. Not even tea and cake can make it exciting but it is important and in the long run, will save you a lot of time, promise!


school of photography

Training - A gift for business and individuals - 20/10/2016

I‘m a photographer. Nowadays I‘m a professional photography shooting products, interiors, food, press and pr, you name it! But once (a very long time ago), I was an enthusiast. Self taught is a phrase which belies all of the hard work and calamitous mistakes that get us to the experience level we are at today. The reasons why I started the Forest of Dean & Wye Valley School of Photography were two two-fold. Puzzlewood asked me too and to provide anyone with a kick-start to their photography hobby to help them avoid the pitfalls I had found for myself. That was seven years ago and we are growing every year!


forest traders

Are You Chicken Or Tofu? - 09/08/2016

Why do we have so many choices of different meats, vegetarian or vegan options in places to eat? Some are gluten free, dairy free, some are under 500 calories……...why? It’s because food is not a ‘one size fits all’ kind of thing. You can’t serve chicken to a vegetarian, you can’t serve ice cream to a vegan and you can’t serve a sandwich to a celiac. If we can understand and embrace that in life, why do we struggle to understand this in our work life too?


forest traders

The Difference Between Milk And Dishwater - 30/06/2016

It doesn‘t matter what we are buying or selling. Advertising, web design, dog walking, prints.....there will always be someone out there who will do it Cheaper than you. Whilst this can be annoying, the first thing to understand is that that is ok. There is always enough business for all of you so get that worry out of your head. Then realise that you will not always be everyone‘s cup of tea, that too is ok. You yourself will have your favourite shops....perhaps you prefer sainsburys to Asda......someone out there prefers Asda to sainsburys to counteract you. The next thing to understand and this Is always the hardest, most people don‘t actually understand what you do.


forest traders

Personal vs Formal – I‘m Just “Me”! - 31/05/2016

When using social media for your business, it can be hard to know how to word your posts. At the end of the day, you want people to see you as competent, professional and gain their respect but also, there is a fine line between that and alienating them. There is nothing worse than reading social media posts where people come across as arrogant, up themselves or too posh for the likes of you. It‘s an instant turn off and sometimes, we don‘t even realise as the ‘postee‘ that it‘s happening!


chim chiminey

Don‘t Take The Risk, Get Your Chimney Swept - 03/05/2016

So it’s officially summertime and whilst were all hopefully enjoying the fabulous weather, don’t forget about having you heating appliances and chimneys serviced and swept in readiness for the next cold spell. Do it while you remember and reduce the chance of a soot fall or dampness in the flue as the soot absorbs moisture from the air and be safe in the knowledge that (and it always happens) when the autumn suddenly arrives you don’t have to find a sweep in a hurry because that is when the sweeps have their busiest time of year, sorting out chimney problems and blocked flues and you could well wait several weeks for an appointment.


i s digital marketing

Why You Cannot Ignore The Need For SEO For Your Website - 12/04/2016

If you are reading this blog thinking it is going to be a sales pitch for SEO services, then you couldn‘t be further from the truth, as hard selling SEO is not something I participate in, as business owners generally come to me when they are ready, as until you have realised or understood how SEO works and why you need it, this is when people often reach out to take the next steps, whether that is through some DIY SEO or to employ a company or agency to help them.


forest traders

Self Employed and Sick - 10/02/2016

For most of us who are self employed, sickness means work stops. Without staff you can delegate to, if you don‘t do it, no one else will. This means being sick is a real fear for self employed people because not only does it mean the obvious such as cash flow reducing and letting customers down but what about your business reputation too?


forest traders

No Time For That - 02/11/2015

How many of us look at things like planning and blogging and think “I dont have time for that!” How many of us sit at weekly dance lessons/rugby training/swimming lessons/gymnastic sessions waiting for our children for an hour? What do you do at these sessions?


forest traders

Our first vlog! - 16/10/2015

Our first video blog updating you on what the end of 2015 has in store for Forest Traders. Find out where you can see us across The Forest of Dean and how you can join us on our next networking night.


forest traders

#InconvenientCoffee - 29/09/2015

Many of us have limited working hours for different reasons. Childcare is often the biggest reason but certainly not the exclusive one. When you‘re juggling running a business with nursery, playgroup and school runs for example, you envy everyone who has 9-5 Monday to Friday to work. Trust me, i‘ve juggled this way for 3 years!


forest traders

Facebook? Yeh, ive got a business page - 08/09/2015

We all use the phrases ‘time goes so quickly’ and ‘time flies when you‘re having fun’ in our every day lives but this relates to our businesses too.


forest traders

Strength In Numbers - 25/05/2015

“Strength in numbers Joanne!” - a phrase I often heard from my Grandmother. Did I ever take her advice? Probably not.


evolution trees

Create the ultimate bird-friendly garden - 28/03/2015

Spring is finally here, and many garden owners will have noticed birds getting busy with their courtship displays and even collecting nesting materials. Yes, nesting season is well underway and according to many conservation authorities such as the RSPB, it generally runs between March and August. However, some other organisations will advise leaving hedges well alone between February and August.


forest traders

You Want To Collaborate With Me? - 12/03/2015

Have you ever been in the position where someone says “I want to collaborate with you?” You‘re either the type of person who would jump for joy or the type of person who would instantly question why they have asked.


module it

5 things to look for when considering VOIP telephones - 22/02/2015

Suddenly, I‘m seeing a number of posts on local Facebook groups asking for advice on VOIP systems. These immediately get hit with loads of adverts for various systems but frankly, very little in the way of sensible advice.


forest traders

Top Tips For The Art Of Make Up Application And Beauty Therapists - 16/02/2015

From a young age girls become interested in make up, from the lipstick that they put on like clowns to the squirts of foundation you find in your expensive carpet – with a society that sees make up as ‘normal’ it’s no wonder!


forest traders

Who, What, When & Why would you need an accountant and/or bookkeeper? - 02/02/2015

When thinking of an accountant or bookkeeper, it is easy to mistake why you would need them. You could assume you would only need one if you had a large Business, perhaps only if you‘re VAT registered or dealing with Company tax?


forest traders

Too many ideas – too little time! - 14/01/2015

Ever had that light bulb situation where you have an amazing idea but you have no clue how you can get there?! With the strains of daily life, sometimes that idea slips further and further away. You then get into the cycle of not having time to work on your idea but getting cross with yourself for not doing anything.


forest traders

Day Out? Yes please, let‘s go! - 22/12/2014

When looking for a day out, how many of us actually do something locally? When you live in an area, you tend to see a trip out as having to travel but actually, most of us don‘t know what is on our doorstep.


forest traders

I don‘t have time to be inspired - 16/10/2014

We all have hopes and dreams in Business and in life - however when do you find time to think about these?


forest traders

My Precious Time - 17/09/2014

Most Business owners are struggling for time every day. Most are trying to juggle work, admin, family & home life.

When someone says “Can we have a chat sometime?” your natural instinct often says “I can‘t afford the time!” So, should you give up your time and have these meetings where the likelihood is there will be no Business at the end of it?


forest traders

Exhibitions - Yes or No? - 27/06/2014

Exhibiting can be a big part of your Business. Whether you‘re selling goods, your product or your Company, it is a lot of work for a short time! You can spend weeks, even months preparing for these shows that can be just 6 or 7 hours long.


charles scott consulting

Reflexology and trauma in The Forest Of Dean - 11/05/2014

I have spent a fair amount of time over the last two weeks driving round the Forest and being inspired by the beauty of the surroundings. The vibrant greens of the new leaves contrasting with the darker shades of the evergreen conifers; the carpets of purple bluebells; the ever changing light permeating the glades as the Spring sunshine bursts forth and then fades as the clouds roll in; young lambs bleating for their mothers and the occasional glimpse of deer or wild boar with an entourage of small piglets in tow.


forest traders

# Tag Hashtag - 28/04/2014

If you are on Twitter, you won‘t have escaped someone using a # tag in their tweets - confused?

# hours are a way of connecting with people you didn‘t know existed. We only see the tweets of people we follow, there are hundreds of Businesses that you‘d want to follow and would want to follow you.


forest traders

How Important Are Websites - 14/04/2014

When we conducted a poll of how people find Businesses details these days, the answers surprised us. With all of the technology of smart phones, tablets, laptops etc, most people seem to find these details online.


forest traders

Should I put my picture on my website? - 02/04/2014

I am probably one of the most camera shy people ever - with this in mind, I refused to put a picture of myself on my Website.


jessabel flowers

Mothering Sunday - 25/03/2014

In the UK, we celebrate Mothering Sunday on the fourth Sunday of Lent, which suggests that it is part of the Church calendar.


forest traders

Is Networking For Me? - 17/03/2014

‘Networking’ can be a dreaded word. With so many different groups, commitments & cost, it can be a minefield for choice.


forest traders

I‘ve run out of ideas! - 10/03/2014

When starting a Business, you have a huge bank of ideas and the excitement of it all can be overwhelming.

What happens though when you‘ve used all of these ideas up?


forest traders

Put A Face To Your Business Name - 03/03/2014

When selling your product or service, it is very easy to sit behind a computer and email people the same ‘sales email’. You may get a few replies out of 30 emails but many will just be classed as ‘spam’ and never be read. However good your product is, no matter how well your sales email reads, it could be never seen or even worse, read and classed as junk.


forest traders

Can You Be ‘Too Friendly?’ - 24/02/2014

When you are making initial contact with potential customers, it can be confusing as to what is classed as ‘friendly’ and what is ‘unprofessional’.


forest traders

Blogging Is Too Scary! - 17/02/2014

Blogging is a new concept of Business exposure and it can work brilliantly if you get it right. However, surely exposing some of the ways you do things to the public can leave you open to ‘copycats’? That was my fear and the reason I and many have put off starting for as long as possible.


forest traders

How Much Social Media Is Too Much Social Media? - 10/02/2014

“I have Facebook, I don't need Twitter”
“I have a Website - that is plenty”
“What is LinkedIn, Pintrest, Google+?!”

Can you have too much social media?


paws a while with me

We Are All Going On A Spring/Summer Holiday - No More Work For A Week Or Two - 03/02/2014

Planning your Spring/Summer holidays? Thought about arranging care for your 4/2 legged family furry/feathered friend(s) whilst you are away?

Planning a holiday can be a stressful event and a logistical nightmare in trying to organise the family, and pet care arrangements might be the last priority on a list of a thousand and one things to be done.


forest traders

Originality Is Key - 27/01/2014

It is natural to check out your competition and how they are doing but you should expect to find they‘re doing something that might be better than you. Your gut instinct may be to do what they‘re doing but BETTER however, you won‘t be doing yourself any favours in the long run.


forest traders

Advertising - Oh No! - 20/01/2014

If I say the word ‘Advertising’ does it make you think “ugh!”?

Often it is seen as costly, boring, and a chore so should you bother?


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