Blogging Is Too Scary! – 17/02/2014

Blogging is a new concept of Business exposure and it can work brilliantly if you get it right. However, surely exposing some of the ways you do things to the public can leave you open to ‘copycats’? That was my fear and the reason I and many have put off starting for as long as possible.

Success comes from finding what works with your Business. Surely blogging these details will lead to people using them for their own gain?

If we‘re honest, it could. HOWEVER surely thinking about it, this is the exact information I and others give out anyway when someone asks for example “How do you work? How can you promote us?” In response to those questions, I, in my case explain that we use the Website, social media, trade stands, exhibitions, networking groups and personal recommendations. If I‘m telling them this, the secret to what works is already out!

We, for example give out our visitor numbers and Google search figures with enquiries so everyone can access that information anyway whether they are genuine enquirers or a ‘copycat’.

Thinking about it rationally and logically, blogging our details can give us better exposure as people are not having to personally enquire for it – it is all laid out for them to decide if they want to speak to us or not.

My fear of blogging has been cured – simply by looking at it from a different angle! How about yours?