Can You Be ‘Too Friendly?’ – 24/02/2014

When you are making initial contact with potential customers, it can be confusing as to what is classed as ‘friendly’ and what is ‘unprofessional’.

Firstly you need to judge the situation by who you are talking to. If you‘re talking to a local events promoter for example, then using the friendly approach could be beneficial however if you are speaking to the MD of a huge company, then this may not be suitable.

You will be able to tell fairly quickly into your call or meeting which approach will work best for you. Keep watching their reactions and comments in case you become too ‘friendly’ during this time.

I always believe that behind a Business name is a person who is like me. If I can see that person during my call or meeting, I‘ll try to engage that. However I can quickly tell when I need to keep it more ‘on topic’ and professional by watching their reactions to my behaviour.

Most importantly smile, be cheerful, positive and polite. Show interest in your customer and their news and you‘ll do great!