Day Out? Yes Please, Let‘s Go! – 22/12/2014

When looking for a day out, how many of us actually do something locally? When you live in an area, you tend to see a trip out as having to travel but actually, most of us don‘t know what is on our doorstep.

Living in The Forest of Dean, this is a top tourist spot. People travel miles to visit and stay in the area because of the attractions and beauty that is here. So why do we travel away to have a ‘day out’? Do we think we‘ve done and seen it all? Do we want a change of scenery or is it that we feel a ‘day out’ requires travelling, wherever it is?

The chances of us having visited EVERYTHING the area has to offer is low. So before you spend your money and time on fuel and travelling – check out what is around you. I bet you‘ll find some hidden gems!