Exhibitions – Yes or No? – 27/06/2014

Exhibiting can be a big part of your Business. Whether you‘re selling goods, your product or your Company, it is a lot of work for a short time! You can spend weeks, even months preparing for these shows that can be just 6 or 7 hours long. Often they‘re on weekends too so all in all, should you bother?

Only you can answer that question, however if you choose to give it a go, remember that you can learn from the early ones what works/doesn‘t work and adapt as you go to give you the best stand possible.

With so many exhibitions to choose from too, it can be hard to narrow your choices down.


* Write down all of the exhibitions you like the look of.
* See what you‘ve got on the calendar to make sure nothing clashes.
* Look at the expected footfall & previous experiences from yourself or others.
* Look at the cost factor – will you sell 100 items at a £100 stall and only 30 items at a £50 stall?
* Do you need to supply any equipment?
* Make sure you can sort out childcare if necessary.
* What travel costs are going to be necessary for you?

By writing all of these things down, one by one you can narrow down the list to the ‘x’ amount you‘re thinking of doing and give it a go.

Good luck 🙂