Facebook albums for Business pages – yes or no? 29/09/2022

The easy and quick answer for you; yes! It is vital for business pages to be using the Facebook album function and far too many are not. Whether this is because they’re not aware of it, you can’t do it from a mobile and lots of people are using their mobile devices to update their pages or they’re thinking it’s not necessary, I don’t know but I can tell you it really is a great bit of kit! Here I’ll explain to you why………..

Most businesses offer more than 1 thing, whether that is a service or a product. There is a reason why this member of the public is looking at your page and it’s for something in particular. It might be to see your kitchen refurbishment skills, it might be to see what your carpet cleaning before and afters look like or it could be because they want to purchase a hat. If you have hundreds/thousands of photos that are in “timeline photos” or “mobile uploads”, they are not going to go trawling through them to find the one they’re looking for. They’ll simply close your page and be gone as there are plenty of other businesses who offer what you do to hand. Everything in social media and marketing now is about speed, easiness and the biggest issue, laziness. People want short, sharp and instant information at their fingertips with the least button pushing possible.

From my own personal experience recently, I was looking at photographers for a particular type of photo shoot. It’s something important to me, it has to be right and the exact thing I’m looking for and I’ve been recommended 40 different Facebook pages to look at. The first place I go to on each page is the photos section and click to see all albums. Out of the 40 pages, maybe 5 had an album for each style of shoot they did and had photos in it that were relevant to what I was looking for. Out of these 5, maybe 2 had up to date images in there and the album was plentiful with lots for me to choose from. 2 out of 40 businesses were using it correctly………..i’m only looking for 1 business to hire so which do you think I’m going to go with? 35 of these businesses may have had the most gorgeous photos in the world but I don’t have time to trawl through hundreds of them to find the one I need to see, it’s like finding a needle in a haystack and like every other consumer, I left the page and moved on. Potential sales were lost because of something so simple.

Updating your social media may feel like a chore and it may just be a tick box in your busy day but it’s really important to keep it clean, crisp and fresh with the easiest navigation possible. The same goes for your website too – albums are just as important on there as well. Remember the rule, you want the least clicks to get to the specific information as possible. If you work along these lines, your customers will thank you and so will your sales forecast!