Facebook? I’ve Got A Business Page – 08/09/2015

We all use the phrases ‘time goes so quickly’ and ‘time flies when you‘re having fun’ in our every day lives but this relates to our businesses too. Take Facebook for example, remember the day when Facebook didn‘t exist? Now it seems to have taken over our world both personally and for our businesses. There‘s a fine line between it being an advantage to your business and it taking up all of your time and becoming counter productive too.

So, remember 3 years ago when we set up our business pages because they were all the rage? Remember how we quickly gained followers? Remember how we would put a post out and all of our followers would see it? Time flies….. and it changes things…. Apple have brought out 5 new phones and business pages no longer work on their own.

The way you write posts, whether you put a web link in, whether you use a photo…. it all affects your post reach as Facebook watches it closely. It lives in hope you will press the ‘boost post’ button and pay them some pennies! That in itself is another story – TBC!

Facebook still works but not by just posting on a business page anymore. Find new tricks, engage in your posts rather than sell, utilise local Facebook groups, share your posts onto your personal page, asks friends and family to do the same. Play with different things and monitor what works. Most importantly – USE IT REGULARLY! There is nothing worse than a Facebook page that hasn‘t be updated for the last 3 months, people will look at it and assume you‘re no longer trading.

Don‘t believe the people who say it doesn‘t work, it does, you just have to work out how because everyone is different.

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