GDPR & Cyber Security – Show The Real You – 05/04/2018

Recently I attended a seminar on GDPR and Cyber Security. It was a real eye opener as to how people work behind the scenes to steal your identity and that these days, we should be looking & thinking about identity theft more so than perhaps just our bank details being stolen. Whilst it made me think about what information I personally give out about myself (sometimes without even thinking) and how in some instances I might be more complacent than I should be, at the same time it pointed out to me how my last blog was really relevant. If you didn’t read it, you can HERE.

It talks about how businesses can use the web to look “all singing and dancing” but the reality can be very different so to mix embracing technology with a pinch of “old skool” and going out to meet people.

Realising how easy it is to steal identities and pose as fake people shows that there will never be a substitute for getting out and showing you are who you say you are. The internet has allowed us to talk to many people in a much more time effective and resourceful way but it is abused by many and therefore is not as trustworthy. I‘ve been stopped numerous times whilst out and asked “are you Jo/Forest Traders? I‘ve seen your profile picture and I recognise you.” Whilst it‘s half scary and half cool to know that people know me (would rather they didn’t when my hair is quickly scraped back and I’m in old clothes to just pop for a pint of milk!), it also shows that I am who I say I am, I am Jo Davies-Raynor and I run Forest Traders.

We all have limited time to be out and about, after all, we all have work to do but bear in mind people will appreciate seeing you are real. They might have heard lots of nice things about you but seeing it for themselves will really cement the start of that working relationship. Their suspicions are going to be raised more and more now GDPR and cyber security are discussed and people will feel more empowered towards their safety. Think back to when we all found out about how not to click on SPAM links as it can download a virus………….we were all oblivious to this until it was hounded into our ears day and night. Now we know to check the “details” from the sender, to delete and now have automatic SPAM filters built in we can use. GDPR and Cyber Security will only heighten peoples awareness that things are not always what they seem so remember to get out there too and be you – after all, you are your business!