I Don‘t Have Time To Be Inspired – 16/10/2014

We all have hopes and dreams in Business and in life – however when do you find time to think about these? Many of us are in the juggling game of work, life, family and paying the bills – sometimes one part takes over the other and at times it can all feel overwhelming. It seems like you‘ll never find the right time to be inspired.

You need to find a hobby or time when you can let your brain run free – let it bat around all of the ideas you have stored along the way. Write them down, talk to a dictaphone, record it somehow so you have it on paper but your brain can let the memory go.

Some take the dog out for a walk, some feel driving around with no music does it, my personal one is in the bath! Water and technology don‘t mix so I can‘t look at my phone or worry about emails etc. In the bath the only thing you can do is think.

Make time once a week to do something you find relaxing and let your brain free!