I‘ve Run Out Of Ideas! – 10/03/2014

When starting a Business, you have a huge bank of ideas and the excitement of it all can be overwhelming. What happens though when you‘ve used all of these ideas up?

We all get stuck in a rut for new and fresh ideas and the panic can begin to set in but you‘ll find inspiration in the most random places!

What can I do?

Pull your friends in and brainstorm your thoughts all together.
Speak to your customers asking how you can improve your service to them.
Use social media for the public to become involved in your brainstorming.
Speak to local Businesses who may be in the same position and get together for an informal chat.

Most importantly -don‘t be hard on yourself! Asking for help and advice doesn‘t make you weak – it makes you more desirable as it shows you give your customers what they‘re looking for!