Light bulb moment…….turn it on its head! 08/09/2022

This blog starts a little gloomy………..bear with me, it brightens massively!

It’s hard times at the moment for a lot of businesses………’s no joke. The rise in cost of everything, the scary thought that it is about to get a lot worse and with no changes to our wages, it’s no wonder the majority of us are having to sit on every penny we have. However, this creates a knock on effect up the chain and results in businesses not making the sales or having the volume of customers they usually would have. That means they can’t invest in their business and they too begin to spiral downwards, unable to make ends meet. It’s a vicious cycle that is just going round and round and it doesn’t seem like it’s going to change soon.

It’s natural for us to feel doomed and like there is no way forward in our businesses right now, myself included, however, I had a ‘light bulb’ moment today and thought about how I can turn my marketing on its head.

Yes, sales are naturally down BUT does that mean that businesses who have been spending more on their marketing now need to cut back? Can I therefore step in and be their lifeguard offering them the life raft of more affordable advertising? Can I make them see they will get “more bang for their buck” for their £48 for 12 months, rather than spending £50 on a one week ad on social media? Can I make them see the benefit of how I can sustain my level of marketing over the year compared to their instant hit that then disappears? Yes I can………if I’m clever enough in my marketing messages.

Think about it……no business wants no marketing, no marketing = massive drop in brand awareness, loss of sales and can cause closure of businesses. Everyone needs to keep marketing their businesses through these tough times, perhaps more than ever. What’s out there that will help them with this but within a low budget? There are lots they can be doing themselves for free, however you’re marketing to the same people, people who already know about you…….how can you market to people who don’t know you exist? Forest Traders, please take the stage!

So, perhaps I need to not be focussing on the lower sales or renewals, perhaps I need to be focussing on being that life raft for businesses who are struggling to keep their head above the water during these hard times with their lack of budgets. Food for thought one thinks……..

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