My Facebook Pet Peeve – 23/10/2020

Missing information – there, I said it without even an introduction! Missing information on a Facebook page is as frustrating as going to a restaurant and there being no menu, or going to a car dealership but they have no keys to the cars. People want accurate, quick and easy information, if you don’t give it to them, they get frustrated.

Facebook pages are fantastic tools to market your business but so many of them are set up and then left to collect dust. The weeks, months and even years pass by and it still shows your old information. It’s probably marketing things you longer sell, services you no longer provide or more importantly, quotes prices you no longer charge. Just because you don’t use it or update it any more doesn’t mean the public know this. Understandably people get miffed that your social media says X but when booking or paying for it, its suddenly now Y. It is vital to take time, schedule it into your diary even to make sure everything is up to date to avoid any frustration to your potential customer.

As Facebook add new features and information boxes, again you need to make time to check if there is anything else you can fill in or might need to change. The general public who use business pages on Facebook regularly will be savvy enough to know what they expect to find. If yours is incomplete they may well just move onto someone else. Do not expect them to or assume that they will click through to your website………we live in an age where information needs to be readily available at the fastest time and with the least effort possible. The less buttons to click, the better. If you use Facebook live or upload videos with information on, don’t forget to still add that information into the text on the page as videos can be lost under a pile of new posts on your page. If it’s really important, make sure you pin it to the top of your page so it’s the first post people see when visiting. To do this, post your status and on the top 3 dots in the right hand corner, click “Pin to Top”. When you need to change this, you’ll need to unpin this post, upload a new one and pin that to the top. Make sure your pinned post is still relevant regularly! I’ve seen so many displaying Easter events, things that can’t happen at the moment (due to Covid-19) and even out of date price lists. When did you last check your contact details? Are they still correct? Have you moved offices, swapped phone numbers, a new email address? All of these things are really important for you to keep an eye on as they can be so easily missed but are so vital for potential custom.

It might take you 20 minutes each time to check everything but once a week, fortnight or even a month, do log in and spend some time giving your business page some much needed TLC.