My Precious Time – 17/09/2014

Most Business owners are struggling for time every day. Most are trying to juggle work, admin, family & home life. When someone says “Can we have a chat sometime?” your natural instinct often says “I can‘t afford the time!” So, should you give up your time and have these meetings where the likelihood is there will be no Business at the end of it?.

The answer is YES!

By having informal chats, meetings & coffee breaks with your clients, or prospective clients, you can create a wonderful connection of trust, respect & friendliness with your work. This may bring you new or continued Business but most importantly, it makes people get to know you. You are your Business! If they like you, they will be far more likely to use your services and more importantly, recommend you to friends and family.

Taking that hour out of your work schedule could be the most fruitful thing you do today…..