No Time For That – 02/11/2015

How many of us look at things like planning and blogging and think “I dont have time for that!” How many of us sit at weekly dance lessons/rugby training/swimming lessons/gymnastic sessions waiting for our children for an hour? What do you do at these sessions?

They tend to be at really antisocial times of the day when quite frankly, you‘d rather be sat at home with a cup of tea. Working feels like the last thing you want to do BUT what do you do with your time? Have a natter with other parents? Surf Facebook? Catch up with some reading? Play games on your phone/Ipad? How about swapping 15 minutes of this to do something constructive?

Blogs = a really good marketing tool only many of us don‘t regularly use it or even use it at all. Mostly this is due to time factors and priority lists. I get it, I really do – my time is limited, i‘m trying to end the day with less than 5 emails to action tomorrow but it is important. I‘m sat here now writing a blog whilst my daughter has her weekly gymnastics lesson.

I‘m sat here bleary eyed after an early networking meeting, strategically planning the rest of my working week whilst secretly imagining being sprawled out on the sofa with a duvet, hot chocolate and bad TV. It might only take 20 minutes but it sets me up for the rest of the week. I‘ve worked out what I need to do, what has become more urgent than the rest and how I can start working on some new ideas instead of waking up tomorrow and saying “Aaaaaahhhhhh, so much to do, where do I start?!”

Oh, and i‘ve got a blog out of it too! 😉

Give it a try. Swap 15 minutes of natter and see what you can achieve.