Strength In Numbers – 25/05/2015

“Strength in numbers Joanne!” – a phrase I often heard from my Grandmother. Did I ever take her advice? Probably not. As we all do as teenagers, we grow up thinking we already know what we need to know and that asking for help or guidance means we are showing a weaker and vulnerable side. We all want to be seen as strong, independent and knowledgeable so do we ask for help usually when we need it?

Probably not. Why though? Why do we have the mindset that asking for help means weakness?

Whether you are setting out in business or 15 years in it is just as hard. Everyday something new happens which can be great to your business but also potentially harmful. Sometimes we don‘t always ask for help, instead going it alone to look strong in front of our peers, customers and competition. This can sometimes mean we don’t deliver or provide the right things in the right way leaving us more vulnerable and possibly worse off than before we started. Asking for help through friends, family, connections, support groups/networks and even our own customers is not a sign of weakness but in fact of strength. It shows you are willing to learn because you want to be the best you can be and therefore your business to offer the best service possible. People buy people when doing business so if you are a proactive, ambitious and goal acheiveing person, people will want to buy into you.

“A problem shared is a problem halved”, “Strength in numbers” – the phrase list goes on so why do we continue to try to go it alone? To succeed in yourself means to allow people to help you to get there. The best and most spectacular things in life weren‘t built completely by one person. It takes one person to have the ideas and dream but many more to make that dream into a reality.

Don’t forget that by sharing your experiences and asking for help can also mean opening the door to others who may have needed your help and advice but felt too shy to ask.

You‘re no burden! You are an ambitious achiever and people want to see you succeed so ASK FOR HELP!