Too Many Ideas – Too Little Time! – 14/01/2015

Ever had that light bulb situation where you have an amazing idea but you have no clue how you can get there?! With the strains of daily life, sometimes that idea slips further and further away. You then get into the cycle of not having time to work on your idea but getting cross with yourself for not doing anything.

I have been in that situation and was getting so frustrated with myself yet every time I tried to sit down and start, an email would come in, a call or a social media message and I would deal with it first.

Someone said to me “If you made a meeting with me would you come?” I said “Yes”, they said “Well then book a time with yourself. Check your diary, make it realistic and book a slot, then no matter what comes in, you‘ve got an appointment with yourself.”

It made perfect sense – why have I never thought of that before? It takes someone else looking in to sometimes come up with the answer!

So if you have big ideas and no time, book a meeting with yourself and ignore the rest!