You Want To Collaborate With Me? – 12/03/2015

Have you ever been in the position where someone says “I want to collaborate with you?” You‘re either the type of person who would jump for joy or the type of person who would instantly question why they have asked.

Collaboration can be an incredible and powerful step forward for your Business, however it can also be a step back and harmful to your Business if you‘re not careful, so how do you know?

The only person who can make the decision is you. The only person responsible for that decision is you. Friends, family and research will give you advice but the end choice is yours.

My advice is to question what both parties will gain from it. Will it benefit you? How much work is involved – is it a realistic workload? Can you continue with your future plans for your Business with the collaboration in place?

If you think it‘s a good way forward for your Business, then make sure it is all legally correct and you are protected.

Cease the opportunity if it works for you but don‘t be afraid to say no if you are not happy with it.

Good luck!